Starry night Venezia

Some short stories while I was painting this landscape at Casa Italia… (chronologically)

Mr. A: What are you painting?
Me: It’s a secret.
Mr. A: A church?
Me: If you want to know what I am painting, come back here on Friday afternoon.
Mr. A: I will be here at that time. But…
Me: Sorry, I don’t like to unveil anything while I’m working.
Mr. A: Alright, I’ll go to have a coffee.
(later a colleague told me that he paints as well, but in silence and nobody knows about that).

Ms. B: Pardon, do you know where is Ms. Blah Blah?
Me: I don’t know anybody here.

Mr. C: It’s lunch time!
Me: Thanks but I don’t feel hungry.

Mr. D: Oh ha ha ha, your boss has excavated a talent in you!
Me: Ha ha ha!

Mr. E: What are you painting?
Me: Oh, nice to see you. You come back to Vietnam again? How are you?

Mr. F: Oh, you also paint? What have you never done? Uhm… are you painting an Islamic church? 
Me: Nope, it’s something else.
Mr. F: Well… this isn’t Roma… Venice?
Me: Nearly. It’s a place I have never touched. Only in my dream.

Ms. G: Uhm… I’m sorry, but could you please tell me where is the WC?
Me: Somewhere over there.
(a bit angry, thinking about the signboard “Piss off!!!”)

Mr. H: What are these weird circles?
Me: It depends on what you think.
(meanwhile “Where the wild rose grow” was loudly on the megaphone. Augrrr… I’m painting white rose, not wild rose!)

Mr. I: Can you show me how to say “blah blah blah…” in English?
Me: Don’t you see that I’m working?

[heard some “tack tack” from a camera, faced up and recognised Mr. J – painter, teacher at Vietnam University of Fine arts and director of an art center for children, that I just met for the first time some days ago]

Me: Oh nice to see you!
Mr. J: Your painting is amazing! Have you ever had an exhibition?
Me: Never. I haven’t painted much and mostly for my family or close friends. 
Mr. J: You MUST have an exhibition. Would you like to be teacher at my center?
Me: Thanks but I can’t.
Mr. J: Where did you study?
Me: At University of Hanoi.
Mr. J: Huh? Did you attend any painting class?
Me: Nope.
Mr. J: Huh? That means nobody ever taught you?
Me: Yeah, one moment please. I’ll open my personal website to let you see some of my paintings.
Mr. J: Oh, you truly don’t need to learn. 
Me: I think so.
Mr. J: Where are you working now?
Me: Uni-Italia at Embassy of Italy to Vietnam.
Mr. J: What???

… [heard some “tack tack” from a camera again, faced up and recognised Ms. K who saw my unfinished painting before without any comment]

Ms. K: Oh, Mr. J said that you paint very well!
Me: Thanks but please don’t take more pictures.
Ms. K: The moment you are painting is the most precious one.

Ms. L: May I see your sketch?
Me: No, I’m working.

Ms. M: May I give you a hand?
Me: Thank you but I want to paint on my own. You like painting?
Ms. M: It’s my passion.
Me: Nice.

Ms. N: Wow, it’s a very nice painting.
Me: Thank you.
Ms. N: It’s Venice.
Me: True, I’ve been inspired by the Starry Night of Van Gogh but want it to be a little more romantic.
Ms. N: How do you call the tool you are using in English?
Me: Oops… Are you Italian?
Ms. N: Yes we are.
Me: It’s painting knife, perhaps.
Mr. O: Your painting is beautiful and I like this technique. You know also Primo Angellotti only paints with knife and doesn’t use green color like you.
Me: In what period did he live?
Mr. O: He’s still alive.
Me: I will search for his paintings on Google.
Ms. O: May I take a picture of you?
Me: Of course…

I’m just a bee who likes honey, so because of the sweetness given by J, M, N, O, I decided to forgive all the disturbances made by A, B, C… while feeling weary like I’ve just climbed a high mountain. In fact I have to knee to paint, since this painting is large and I changed my idea every hour until Monday morning and they cannot make the frame immediately, it even takes five days. However I talk to myself: “Van Gogh said “Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.”; I’ll tell him that I can grow roses on pavement.”

Post by Luna