I don’t usually talk much, and even when I do, not everyone understands how I feel. For example the meaning of this work.

Italy is the cradle of art. It is not only famous for painting and sculpture, but also admired by the whole world for its music, opera, dance, design, technology, cuisine, architecture, landscape and nature… I always look at Italy with overwhelming emotions besides the opportunity to feel its cultural quintessence in the reality.

I use minimalism to express joy, flexibility, revitalization, vitality, bright melodies in my work. For the background, I chose azure of the sky of Rome as the main color, combined with emerald of Sardinian Sea, lemon yellow sunshine of Amalfi, green of Umbria’s heart, brown earth of the romantic land Siena, white of the snow on the Alps. Above, the sun is always burning red like overflowing energy and passion in one of the typical characters of Italian people.

Italy is also the homeland of ballet, 8 ballet dancers in the work were inspired by 8 characters in Botticelli’s masterpiece Primavera – the work that evoked beautiful things inside of me. In many cultures, number 8 means confidence, overcoming difficulties, resilience, professionalism, harmony, peace. In Eastern culture, number 8 means prosperity and success. That is also the reason why I name it Rinascita – Revival. I don’t paint the horizon, to celebrate the endless, eternal beauty of Italy.

Love with your heart, create with your soul, work with your mind and be inspired with your emotion is good; but to do each of those things with heart, soul, mind and emotion at the same time is more than fantastic. My feelings are sublimated with the love for Italy.

Along with painting, I “confess” my love for Italy through music. This new composition is also inspired by Vivaldi’s symphony Primavera. It is an honor for me if you think that I imitate great people’s style, because I do not have art teacher in the real life. It’s a way of studying.

Post by Luna